This is my IMatch-Scriptsection!

You can find some (maybe) useful scripts for Mario Westphals IMatch.
IMatch is a very powerfull Image-Management/Database-Software.

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These Scripts can be used any way, but also without any kind of warranty!

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Multi Database Transmission V 1.2 (06-Jun-2003) - This script transmits Images from a SourceDB to a TargetDB, preserving all Category-Assignments and Property-Entries. (And, *g*, if Mario would give us an updated Timestamp for the DatabaseImageRecords, we could merge Databases by checking which Entry is newer. Think about mobile IMatch.)

Remove Empty Categories from Database V 1.0 (30-May-2003) - This script removes all 'empty'-Categories from the active Database.

OffLineCache Garbage Collector V 1.0 (28-Jun-2003) - This script checks all existing Images in OfflineCacheFolder of the active Database and deletes ownerless OLC-Images. Additionally you can select some Categories from which you want delete the Images OfflineCache-pendants.



Photoshop Conversion (PS 5.5 + 6) V 0.9 (02-Jul-2003) - This Script combines the ManagementPower of IMatch with the ImageManipulationPower of Adobes Photoshop 6.0 in an easy to use way. This Script I have written together with Klaus Schwarzburg. Many thanks for your help, Klaus.

lcms Webgallery Creator V 0.1 (05-Oct-2002) - This script enhance the original Webgallery-Creator-Script with an ICC-Conversion-feature.

little Batch Converter V 1.2 (26-Jun-2003) - This script create resized copies, optionally with ICC-Conversion for Tiff- and Jpeg-sources. Can work with OfflineCacheImages instead of originals and can transmit all Property-, Category- and IPTC-data to the copies.



Registry Functions V 1.0 (01-Nov-2002) - A littleHelper-Script to put and retrieve Data to/from Registry in its correct DataTypes. VB usually provides only the StringType. With this Lib you can store every DataType to Registry (Byte, Integer, Long, Double, Decimal, Boolean, Variant, ...).

Debug Messages V 1.0 (08-Nov-2002) - A littleHelper-Script which handles Debugoutput in Priorityclasses. With this you can have good Informationoutput when you develope a Script and a less or no Output when run the Script in Productivity-Mode. Your DebugmessagePoints can stay in code without any (auswirkung). Usefull for future changes on your code.